How The Water Damage Restoration Process Works: How SERVPRO Repairs Your Home

How The Water Damage Restoration Process Works: How SERVPRO Repairs Your Home

By: David C. Kile

Every year, many homes in Tallahassee, Florida are adversely affected by weather, home damages, or other malfunctions that costs them thousands of dollars in damages. The process of home restoration is lengthy and expensive sometimes (especially when repairs are put off). With the right tools, experience, equipment, and approach; our service staff can repair and restore damages that can be very extensive or severe. Our exceptionally trained SERVPRO staff in Tallahassee has even been involved in restoring homes that had recently been condemned, helping owners save hundreds of thousands of dollars on their investments.

How The Water Damage Restoration Process Works For You 

We mitigate and reduce the effects of water damage in Tallahassee, fixing leaks and other malfunctions within your house. We can fix virtually any water damage in your home, but the rates of success for furniture, carpets and upholstery are very time sensitive. If you take care of the issue as soon as possible, our experts can save more of your precious belongings.

Our high-tech equipment and trained staff are capable of delivering spectacular results, because we first access the issue, determine our route of water restoration and water removal. We do all work in-house, which saves you more money, too. We always address water damages with the following steps:

Assessing the Damages 

The first step in any water extraction or water damage restoration begins with the initial assessment of damages. We often ask customers what they think caused water damages, and where they think the leak is focused. Then, our technicians arrive, surveying the area for damages. With specialized training, they can pinpoint water damages, leaks and even potential damages that you might not have noticed.

Our goal in this first step is simply to determine where the leak started, why your problem arose, and how to best deal with the extent of the damages. After this initial step is taken, our service professionals act quickly to solve the problem.

Extracting Water, Evaluating the Source of the Leak, and Fixing the Problem 

SERVPRO knows that Tallahassee water damages can compile in severity the longer that it takes them to be addressed. In the right environment, in just 24 hours mold and other contaminants can start breeding within your home. That’s why we’re available 24/7 to solve the problem.

We bring submersible pumps, fans, and other specialized equipment to completely remove standing water. Then we address any other water that needs to be extracted, cleaning up debris and repairing damaged property. We then clean and deodorize whatever is necessary to get your home back to normal “Like it never even happened.”

Cleaning Up, Dehumidifying, and Preventing Mold Growth 

The final step is simply cleaning everything up, dehumidifying your home, and ensuring that no moisture exists to cause further unexpected water damages. We take the time to ensure that all moisture is removed from your carpets, the batting, insulation, and carpet padding is dry; and blow dry air in cabinets, ceilings, and walls to eliminate the risk of potential mold growth.

When you need the help of trained professionals, look no further than our staff here at SERVPRO of North Leon County. We’re locally owned and operated to ensure that we arrive first on the scene every single time to get your home back to new, fast. Call us at (850) 536-6599.

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