Why Gyms And Hotels Are Using Foggers To Fight Commercial Mold Damage

Why Gyms And Hotels Are Using Foggers To Fight Commercial Mold Damage

By David Kile

We have all heard a scaremongering story or two about the number of germs on the subway or the bacteria lurking in the gym showers. For the most part, these tall tales are an over exaggeration. After all, if we were never exposed to any germs, our immune systems would not ever learn how to fight them. This does not mean that your favorite workout spot or seat on the subway could not be cleaner.

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In fact, many businesses are taking steps to improve their mold and mildew control strategies. This is particularly important for hotels, gyms, clinics, and schools, where large groups of people congregate. Some are choosing to fight commercial mold damage with sophisticated fogging and deodorizing tools.

A mold remediation and restoration company have access to tools like these, so they can help your business neutralize existing mold breakouts and prevent new ones from developing. Keep reading to find out more about how fogging machines work.

What Is A Portable Fogging Machine?
VHP vaporized hydrogen peroxide technologies use a combination of hydrogen peroxide and silver ion to disinfect huge areas in a short amount of time. This makes them ideal for use in public buildings like hotels and gyms, which require a fast turnaround and high levels of cleanliness. It is not always possible for these environments to be cleaned by hand, so fogging machines are the next best alternative.


The disinfectant is pushed out into the room as a dry mist. It treats the surfaces that it lands on, without making them damp. Moisture is something that should always be avoided when it comes to mold prevention, as spores thrive in warm, wet conditions. As the cleaning solution takes the form of a light mist, it also safe for use on electronic items.

Why Is Fogging The Best Solution?
When fogging machines are used correctly, by a qualified mold remediation professional, they can neutralize any mold spores which have started to grow on walls, ceilings, and floors. Once the spores have been treated, they will stop spreading and remain inert, as long as the environment is not allowed to get damp again. It may be possible, then, to cover up discolored patches.

Technicians are very experienced and can offer a lot of different strategies for successful mold remediation. You may be asked to keep the treatment area clear, while they set up and utilize the fogging equipment. However, the downtime associated with this technology is minimal.

If you own a business that deals with the public, it is important to treat mold problems as quickly as they appear. Fortunately, the experts are here to help and get repairs started as soon as possible.


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