Hazards That May Exist In Your Home Affected By Fire Damage

Hazards That May Exist In Your Home Affected By Fire Damage

By David Kile

Working within any fire-damaged building presents owners and workers with potentially hazardous conditions. It becomes specifically important to have the experience necessary to recognize both known and possibly unknown hazards that may exist while performing restoration services. Finding the correct company to work on the fire damage in your home makes quite a difference. The company should understand the proper safety precautions to take during hazardous conditions and help eliminate electrical, structural, slip, trip, or fall hazards that often plague construction areas.

fire damage

A fire damage restoration company often finds it necessary to check damaged areas for electrical current, even if told that electrical power was disconnected. A portion of the structure may have received damage, exposing electrical wiring that may still contain current, or self-maintained sources of energy that require particular attention before work can begin. Water itself conducts electricity, making it especially important to use extreme caution in areas where electricity may exist near water sources. To eliminate these specific hazards, technicians may enlist the help of licensed electricians to inspect the power distribution panel on your property to ensure all circuit breakers are off. Posting the correct signs and using lockout tags as needed to eliminate these hazards entirely. Technicians use a generator unit when your home’s electrical system is considered unsafe to use, and no alternative power sources are available. They plug all of their equipment into sockets equipped with ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) to prevent using too much current, while also checking each piece of equipment for frayed cords or other damage before use.

Fires also often cause structural damage to buildings that pose safety risks. Loose or falling debris make entering a structure potentially harmful. Workers should perform a full inspection, using hard hats and protective footwear to protect against unidentified hazards. Technicians use warning signs or barrier tape to prevent others from entering unsafe areas, securing the services of a qualified engineer in extreme situations to verify the soundness of the structure before restoration activities begin.

Having the proper restoration company manage the restoration of your home after disaster strikes, provides you with the personnel necessary to expose possible risks on your property. Without them, you may not realize potential hazards that exist, causing circumstances to get out of control quickly. Contact a fire damage repair and restoration company today for access to expertly trained restoration specialists that are on your side.




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