Special Care For The Drapes And Blinds In Your Florida Home

Special Care For The Drapes And Blinds In Your Florida Home

By David Kile

The thought and care you put into selecting the right draperies and blinds for your windows do not end after installation. If you chose and hung high-quality window coverings, they may appear to hold their shape and contribute to the style of your home for months and even years with little care. Maintaining and cleaning window treatments, however, is an essential part of overall home maintenance in Florida and must not be ignored.

Blinds and draperies can hide significant quantities of dirt, dust, grease, pollen, and mold spores. Curtains and drapes act almost like filters, attracting and holding on to minute particles of grime within their weaves. Even insects can become entangled within the fabric. Blinds also are magnets for dust, dirt, pollen, and more. In Florida’s humid climate it is not uncommon to find mold and mildew damage to blinds and curtains hiding in plain sight.

Cleaning draperies and blinds is a tough job best done by professionals. Sometimes successful cleaning requires removal to an off-site plant where the years of unwanted debris can be removed using special equipment and cleansers. Other times drapes and blinds respond well to cleaning methods employed at your home or office, carried out by trained technicians who assess the type of dirt and other soiling and make informed decisions on the most effective way to remove the offending substances.

Hand dusting and vacuuming are first steps and remove the top layers of dust and other loose debris. Then advanced treatments using high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter machine to suction particles deep cleans. Trained and certified workers may use steam-cleaning to pull out more dirt. Ultraviolet light acts to kill mold, viruses, bacteria and other micro-organisms clinging to the fibers. Cleaners and solvents may spot treat persistent stains, and drapery cleaning experts are familiar with picking the proper products to clear away the last evidence of grime and grease. Ventilation and mindful choices to use the least harmful and irritating chemicals possible while achieving good cleaning results respect the environment and the health of your property’s inhabitants.

Ultrasonic tanks permit certified blind cleaning experts to use the power of high-frequency sound waves to deep clean. The bubbles formed by the sound waves, also known as cavitation, cause a great vacuum and energy. This creates heat and pressure which dislodges even sticky, tenacious residues. The process cleans fast and very thoroughly, yet gently. Blinds and other window coverings, including draperies, are submerged in the ultrasonic tank to receive the cleaning treatment. Experienced ultrasonic tank operators adjust the sound wave frequencies to achieve precisely the cleaning levels desired without harming the window coverings.

Prolong the life of your drapes and blinds by scheduling a professional cleaning assessment and following through with the recommended treatment. Your home will look, feel, and smell fresher when noxious dirt and microbial growth enmeshed in curtains and stuck to blinds becomes a thing of the past.




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