Three Ways Water Damage can Affect Your Home

Three Ways Water Damage can Affect Your Home

By David Kile

Although water is a necessity of life, this common substance found all over the planet can create extensive damage when it comes into contact with materials that should be kept dry. Few places in your home should normally remain wet, or even moist. Your house plants and your aquarium are probably the most common in this regard.

Other areas, however, need to be kept dry in order to remain stable and in excellent condition. Some, such as drywall, can become damaged by exposure to water for a short period. Others, such as carpeting, can be wetted down if they are being cleaned and allowed to dry soon after. Wood that is exposed to water leaks can eventually dry rot and become unable to bear the weight they were originally designed to do. Concrete can disintegrate and chip away, leaving holes, gouged out areas, and allow even more water in through their newly developed cracks when exposed to water during the colder months.

The type of damage sustained depends greatly on the age of the dwelling, also. Older homes have withstood more exposure to the elements, settling of the home, and can be affected by more than one area at a time, as well as have longer exposure times in various areas that may be decades old. Sometimes, water damage remains hidden because there are no visible or detectable signs of it, allowing it to continue unabated.

When moisture is elevated for prolonged times, it can change the environment enough that mold can grow, creating its own style of damage. This secondary water damage is highly offensive when found, but it can be remediated. Finding mold colonies can help diagnose unknown problems with water leaks that may have been driving water bills up slightly, costing extra money, possibly in the thousands, over the years.

Water in its liquid form can create various forms of damage, particularly to wooden structures in the home. When exposed to water, these items can start to warp and buckle. In the case of flooring, there is only so much space for the boards to expand. After they begin to expand and then touch each other on their sides, they can often only go one way, and that is away from the underlying structural framework. This is when they warp, sometimes so much that they can snap apart.

No matter what kind of water damage exists in your home or office, professionals who deal with water damage can make things safe and secure with the needed repairs. Allowing water damage to remain is only asking for additional problems.

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